While I prepare for my journey….

I read a NY Times Article last night.    “The Moral Bucket List”   By David Roy.     It made me think about this journey as not only miles and camping rather it is something that can be perceived as a moral journey.    David Roy put to words  the thoughts and feelings I have experienced for several years now and in particular as I ride my bike.    The choice to be happy and kind is predicated on, not so much our career and success, but on examining our journey and placing others before us.   I will admit that it is difficult for me to do that.   Even my beloved bike chases others when they are out ahead of me.  

The Buddha says “You can not know the path until you become the path”  I read this  ten years ago and it still rings a bell in my little head.   Perhaps I am aiming for something that is not pleasant to most,  but it is a path that choose me.     I hope as we go on this journey we can explore the path we have become.

Sam Baker’s “Go in Peace” 


One thought on “While I prepare for my journey….

  1. Tom, I heard the NPR interview of Sam Baker last year, and was left in awe. His music if filled with pureness of heart. Quite fitting to hear this as I now consider the journey you will be taking.


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