How do you train for a life event?    I have thought a lot about this lately because I have gotten so much advice.   What it comes down to is fitness.   I just finished my four week hill climbing class.   I learned that I can peddle up hills and that I tend to wear out requiring more time to recover between hills.    I also learned that my legs like to spin.   By training with others I can figure out how I rank.    That is very valuable information as  I can set realistic goals.

Sunrise ride to Work.
Sunrise ride to Work.

Try harder rings in my head.   That makes sense but is not very useful in preparation for a ride like this,     Training requires variety.   Last week I hiked 25 miles.  It was tough as my muscles were not used to hiking.     I have been doing Yoga for over five years.   This is a good recovery for long rides.   My thoughts also need to be harnessed.   This is a life change.    Working behind a desk for almost 40 years is not an easy habit to break.



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