Gear is always a challenge.   I bike in so many conditions it is hard to keep from overdoing it.    I organize myself around what I have learned and what I like.     What I have learned.  I over prepare.    What I like.  Unconventional gear.

Today I will talk about my frame bag.    I like frame bags better than seat bags and gear stuffed into my jersey for long rides.    Frame bags are too small and in my opinion look funny.    A frame bag can carry tools, tubes, food, water and store jackets.  And it all fits nicely out if the way between your legs where you can get at it while you ride.   I chose to have a frame bag built for my bike.  Nick, who Owens Rouge Panda Designs built my bag to my bike specifications.   I had extra pockets and some design work.  Total cost was less than $150.00 with shipping.

Frame bag - Rogue Panda Designs
Frame bag – Rogue Panda Designs

Here it is on Pink Lady…. I don’t have my Pangea yet…. I apologize for the odd set of colors.   I just wanted to see how it looked.

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