An Early Start

I was up and ready to go today.   I am standing outside my home  in Minnesota.     The only problem is … my plane doesn´t leave until tomorrow.  I told everyone on face book that I was off to Alaska.    Well do I need to eat crow or what.     It is very fortunate that I  was a day earliy.     I couldn´t have been all wrong,   I called my Hotel and sure enough I   booked a room for tonight.    They were very nice and reworked the reservations     In case you are wondering  I had planned a few extra days in Anchorage.   I am still leaving Anchorage on the 9th.

More tomorrow.

you can find my route imageunder route,  and you will be able to track me under Tracker.    If anyone has suggestions about tracking I am all ears.  I am using the Inreach device created by Delorme   they did not pay me to say that.

Good night.  More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “An Early Start

  1. This is hilarious. I’m hoping for a steady stream of non-dangerous mishaps and hijinx from you Tom to keep me entertained!


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