July 19, 2015. Updates from the Yukon

We arrived in Whitehorse today and will take a one day break to do laundry and work on bikes.   Let me tell you about the days since Tok Alaska.   We had a nice ride from Tok to a small camp site that was on a lake.  It was beautiful.   I went swimming and was able to persuade another camper to let me use his canoe and me and the guy from the Netherlands went exploring in the Alaska Wild.   Remelt got nervous at the prospect of the on coming T Storm.    It was remote and beautiful.

We left there the next day and headed to Canada.   The weather was pretty good.   I snapped a shot at the boarder and then moved onto beaver creek.   Where you actually enter Canada.   You ride about twenty miles in no man’s land.     Entering Canada on a bike is not new for me.   But coming in from the North is.     Very polite and very nice people.    I immediately stopped and got a Canadian Flag for my bike.  We rode on a few more Kilometers to a park run by this Irish lady.   We had noticed the road was deteriorating and some dust to contend with.   She provided me with an old sheet from the moose bin from which I made 18 Bandanas.     We had heard that the road was gravel in many spots and the dust was horrific.

I took off on the largest leg of the the trip thus far, 160 KM.  That is a US century.   I was confident even though it was raining.     20 KM into the ride the road crew stopped us and had to ferry us past the construction.    Then the fun began.    We had long stretches  of gravel up hill and into the wind.   The Bandana came in handy when the trucks rolled by.   Dust all over the place.    Lunch came fairly early. But we still had a long way to go.

The temperatures were increasing and the climbs were getting longer.     The road was this rough gravely stuff.    My teeth were ready to fall out of my head.   At KM 112 there was a small village that advertised soft drinks etc.    Remelt and I promised ourself a relaxing and needed break.    When we got there we found only water from a tape in the men’s room.      We had to ride another 16 KM to destruction bay.    Even the name sounded threatening.    Both of us got here as dry as a bone,     But thanks to having a few Canadian Dollars we were up and running the remaining 40KM to camp on lake Kluane.   What is when the wind picked up.   Very slow going up hill.    The Kilometers kicked by at a turtles pace.     Then there was the Cottenwood camp ground right next to the lake.

To be continued.

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