July 27, 2015

Been on the road 18 days. Some 88 to go.   The trip has been good.  There are good days and better days.  Last week we had a century,ride through rain.  Temps in the mid fourties and lots of fog.  The next day was dry and the scenery was beautiful.   We stopped at a hot springs and got to soak for awhile.   Then rode off to Muncho lake for a day of rest.   I spent the morning cleaning and maintaining my bike.  Then I went for a long walk along the lake.  I can only describe it as remote.  There are not a lot of facilities up here and you have to buy provisions when you can.   Dinner at this place was one price $39.00.   I made my self a peanut butter sandwich from left over bread and the jar of peanut butter I Carrie since the aero head.     For beer lovers, beer was $10.00 a glass.   I am hoping to find some cheaper stuff up the road.

My bike is doing well and I feel good.   After washing cloths and drying my tent I feel ready to move in to Fort St John’s in 6 days.   I’ll post some pics if I can.  Internet is limited

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