New Vissions


Bicycles go to beautiful places in all weather.   As experts we have challenged ourselves and our bicycles to extremes that most people will never have too.   From the tropics to the arctic we encounter deserts and lush landscapes.

From the Yukon to Mexico City.   Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver, San Jose Costa Rica, International falls,  Oulu Finland, and all points in between,  the bicycle is universally adapt at making transportation work.





2 thoughts on “New Vissions

  1. Great to meet you this weekend, Tom! That annoying Mini Cooper that passed you was us waving as we went by, in case you couldn’t tell.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and joy with us!

    Happy cranking,
    Peter S.

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    1. Peter
      Thank you. Gaining a shared vision is harder than I ever thought. Yet it is also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The retreat this weekend went in directions I did not expect. And it brought my understanding of how God’s love is so important for me to accept and to pass along. I hope that just a little of what I do on this trip can inspire you to engage in communities that inspire and breath the values that we brought to the retreat.


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