Leaving Soon The Spoken Wheel

It is exiting to see my work come into focus.    My bike is ready and my packing is almost done   There are lots of last minute details.  I worry constantly about forgetting something.

Check lists are ok,  but they don’t overcome the endless details.  Cell phones to hair cuts.    Everything has to be done in real time.    Naturally I have to stay on top of daily tasks.  Right now  am dog sitting two very active dogs.    It is entertaining – and time consuming.

Then there is the endless concern about money and finances.  The market is up,  the market is down.   I will soon settle down and put this behind me for awhile.  The world will do to me as it wishes.

My hope is to Go in Peace and Go In Kindness – to leave the worries behind me – and return home.       Africa is a big place.   As my friend Mark says – “Peddle Damn it”


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