I am packed and have a few moments to reflect.   

It is a journey to just get to the journey.    Packing and repacking and then repacking.   Then keeping a list of what I have packed.  Andy worrying about what I forgot 

Sounds confusing doesn’t it?    It is  too easy to run to the bike shop or REI.    Even easier to shop on line.  It is much Hardest to manage it all 

I am certain I have too much and not everything.    Experience tells me that I can bargain trade or abandoned excess gear on the trail.  But I have to haul it.   

I wish I had a team mate who would look over my shoulder as I did this.   Perhaps I am becoming a team mate that will help others.   Is that my new career? 

The other logistics are around traveling.   Hauling a bike in an airplane can get expensive real quick.   There are fees.  But because the TSA opens every box, things can fall out and or get broken. . 

I almost forgot to pack the rotors for my disk brakes.   That would have been a game stopper.     I am certain I will regret hauling tools and parts I never need throughout Africa.  But i know there are not s lot of bike shops   

Then comes the tent delema.   My tent is several years old and has been uses a lot.  I decided to get a new tent  that was designed for the desert.    The Eurika Down Range 2 Seemed to fit the bill.    At least on paper.   Site unseen It turns out to be too big and the poles are unwieldy.     So I am taking my old tent.   

  1. Last minute details seem endless.   Filing a tax return, change of address, financial plans, insurance,  what to do with stuff like a car, keeping enough cold weather cloths to keep From freezing, And so forth  

I used to think people who went on adventures just put it together with ease cause They were smart    –  many are – They all Have The Same delema.     Take too much and you have a weight problem take the wrong thing and you have a problem that can’t fix a problem

I am now casting my fate to the winds.  I try and comment on gear as I go along.   Ask me anything you like about the trip or gear


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