Sudan is more than half over.   I am in Khartoum. Since leaving Egypt I have ridden through and camped on more sand than I could ever imagine.  

Managing hygiene is a challenge without water and lots of sand.      I am doing it and keeping my equipment in decent shape. 

The desert invades everything though.   The bell on my bike stopped working from the grit.   People have lost the use of breaks as their cables clog up.   Fortunately we don’t need to use them.   Riding into the dust or having a passing bus kick it into my face is irritating.    I have resorted to wearing an aribic scarf.    I look like I am from here until you see the color of my skin 

I have met and spoken with many kind people.   I went to the house of a local villager.   I was introduced to the wives and other family member.  We drank tea with camel milk.  ðŸªðŸ‘ŽðŸ½.  

The main wife wondered if we could send her a plastic water jug from America.    They told us how marriage and family worked here.    When we told them about match. Com  they were interested to know of it worked better.    I had to admit that it didn’t.  

We all came into Khauroum with a hereo’s welcome.   Escorted by police they closed the streets as we came through.   People waived and cheered in large numbers.     It was not staged its just that we passed many schools.    

I am camped next to the Egyptian Coptic church.   Not what I expected. 

9 thoughts on “Sudan

  1. Tom, this is Rick Marafino from the American Embassy in Khartoum. I met you at the party that Ed, from the Canadian Embassy, had for your cycling group. It was great to meet most of you. You have inspired me to, at least, consider a grueling trip like you are on. I will continue to follow you on this blog so I know what to expect if I do the ride. Safe travels!!


    1. Hi Rick. It was such a pleasure to meek all of you. We rode to the boarder and it was tough. I made it 5 out of 6 days. The people were wonderful

      The south is very fertile. I rode hours through Sorgum fields.

      Please stay in touch.


    2. Rick we have been on Nairobi for 5 days. I am learning so much about Africa. I am proud of people like you who see the value in the out doors and how we connect with people.


      1. Tom, thanks for staying in touch! I see you have experienced the difference in the terrain and climate just within Sudan. Now that you are in Kenya, it sounds like you are having a great time. Would you still recommend the trip? I will try to track you online to see where you are today. I know that you have limited time where you can find a Wi-Fi. Take care and hope you are taking in the scenery!


      2. I am in Rwanda. It is very clean. I am learning about the Genocide. Very very sad.

        You definitely should travel here it is an awesome experience. Bike is a good way to go.


      3. Tom,

        It sounds like you and the group are making good progress. I am sure each country will offer a new experience for all of you, sometimes sad, sometimes happy.

        I have three more months left in Sudan and look forward to cycling back in the U.S. with lots of hills. Keep me posted on your whereabouts and experiences in each African country.



    3. Hi Rick

      I hope you and your wife are doing well. I thought I would reach out an update you. I am back in Minneapolis and you are always welcome. I am going to ride to Newfoundland next year and then in 2020 Mongolia. Please feel free to join me



      1. Tom,

        Happy Holidays!! Thank you for reaching out to me. I hope you and your wife are happy and healthy, especially around this time of the year. Do you have family where you live?

        It has been a hectic year for us as we both retired from the Foreign Service and bought a vacation home in Pennsylvania that we have spent a lot of time fixing up and enjoying the outdoors. Our primary residence is still in Northern Virginia as we have one more child to put through college. Having our house in VA allows us to take advantage of in-state tuition. We both plan to work part-time in the new year but cycling events are definitely on my mind for 2019. You plan on riding from Minneapolis to Newfoundland? I will have to look up how many miles that is. We have one daughter living in Maine and we had hoped to make it to Labrador and Newfoundland in the next year or so….

        Mongolia? Where do you find these exotic rides? 🙂 I have had an offer to ride across the states and also to ride in the Italian Dolomites. Not sure which or all I will do, depending on our work and play schedules. And what kind of shape I am in…

        Well, we are packing up to leave our vacation house in an hour but wanted to send off a quick comment before I forgot again. We will be back for the Christmas holiday week too. Can’t wait and hope it snows!

        All the best,



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