Explore Nairobi

We are in Nairobi until Saturday.   That is because we are waiting for the support vehicles to arrive.   

I am in my tent at the Wildabeest camp near the Nairobe national park.    One of the cycling mates organized a bus and we went to see elephants and Girtafes.   It was very educational. 

Then we went to a restaurante called Carnivore.     Those who know me know that I am a vegitarian.  This place was definitly out side of what I would normally go.   But I was with a group.  Meals were one price.   $34 for all the meat you could eat.   And $28 for a single serving of lentals rice and mixed vegitables.   Ok, I am comaiming.    I shouldn’t as it was nice to be out and about. 

Tell me if I am wrong to post these pictures.  

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