At the Masai Camp in Arusha Tanzania.    This is the entry point to Kilanjaro for many.    It is a nice town.   

Our journey thus far has brought me through 6 counteries.   It will be another 6-7 days before reaching the next.     I will ride behind Kilimanjaro.   It is a tough 6 days with over 1000 kilometers of riding.  Many of the roads will be dirt roads and climbs.   Our camps will be rustic.    

4 thoughts on “Arusha

  1. Tom, it looks like you need those cyclocross tires that you are sporting!! Tanzania looks more exotic than some of the other countries you have passed through. Rick Marafino


    1. Rick. It was not so exotic but the roads were really rough. Malawi has been different. You should friend me on FB. I post more pictures. It’s. Tom LAIS.


      1. Tom, unfortunately I do not have FB. Was today a rest day?? I assume so if you have obtained Internet somewhere…..


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