Well I am off again.   This time a more laid back ride.  First to Switzerland for a week.  Have to try the Alps.   Then off to Australia for a bit of down under.    Once I get to Sydney I am going to go to Christchurch New Zealand to ride a couple of weeks.

Some thoughts and interesting things.   As I was finalizing my plan reservations I realized that I leave from Minneapolis and fly east.  And keep flying east then south and more east till I come home again.    I wonder if the world is flat?

Many of you know that I cam back from Africa mot in 100% shape.    I am in much better condition now that I have rested.   I gained a lot of weight which is kind of normal,  even though I continue to ride some 70 Miles a day.   (116 Kilometers.   But food is so available here.     Coffee and something to munch on is my favorite.

I will hopefully be able to do some of my blogging as I go since I will have access to more internet services.      I will use the tracking device again.   It has been reactivated and tested today.   I can report that it is working.

More to come.



3 thoughts on “New ADVENTURES

  1. Tom, I really wish you a joyful and interesting trip! And you are the kind of man that will make interesting. You will look at the landscape, talk to the locals and enjoy. I will soon start my trip in Tanzania. Let’s stay in touch!

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