Travel Thoughts – past present and next trip

I am learning how to put together presentations on the MAC.  It is a struggle to learn how to do things and still try to say something from the soul.  Many people have helped me and shown me what works and what does not.    Enough of this.  Here is where I am going:

Africa – It means so much to us as a world.  There are rare lessons that we have to rediscover in order to remain human.   Since I am still processing my experience I can’t give you succinct one line title to this endeavor.   Perhaps I can leave it by saying that that love replaces fear.

Next Trip;  This summer I’ll head north to Canada,  that is if we are still welcome.   Off to Edmonton.   Then I will fly to Tromso Norway to ride in the midnight sun.    Once finished I’ll continue to ride through mosquito infested Lapland towards Oulu Finland.   Then home.

Please let me know if you want me to give a presentation to your group.  I have lots to learn about what I’ve seen and experienced.  I can only share it with you.



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