Next adventures

I think I heard this quote along my journey.   I don’t know who it belongs to so I apologize.   However I believe it to be a universal truth.

Upon the end of any adventure one returns,  eats, rests, celebrates and plans the next journey.

So what have I got cooking?    In 2019  I am planning on riding from Minneapolis to St. John’s NF.    about  2,800 Miles   or 4,500 Kilometers.   I hope to do it in two months.  Why so long? Because I want to stop and enjoy some of the scenery.    I hope to go to Milwaukee, ferry across to Michigan and proceed up through Toronto, Quebec City,  Montreal and points east   All before it gets too cold.

In 2020 I have signed up for short 2,800 Kilometer ride in Mongolia.   I am hoping that I can squeeze in some bigger ride but all that takes money and time.   I have to work on both of them.

I hope to visit some friends along the way.  Who knows maybe a few people will also ride with me.   I am not fast,  just happy when I ride.



8 thoughts on “Next adventures

  1. Met you in Charlottetown on the hippopotabus. Was lovely to meet you and here about your adventures. If you ever find yourself in Scotland cycling just drop us a message. Allison & Tom


    1. Allison and Tom. I got back home and had some catch up to do. My trip was fantastic. That bus ride was so fun. New Foundland was a great experience as well. I most likely will be in Scotland some day and I will look you up


      1. Glad to hear you had a fantastic trip. Hope you also enjoyed the Japan trip you were telling us about.
        Definitely do look us up, via this or fb is the best way to find us. We live right on the canal route that goes between Glasgow and Edinburgh so if cycling that way you will almost certainly pass our door. 😀


  2. For 2019 Minneapolis to St. John’s what month are you planning to do the Canadian part say Montreal or Quebec City and points East? Let’s talk, hope you can come to Canada in February so we can discuss further!


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