Bike infrastructure – a leap of faith

 I wonder if the Egyptians had to do an RFP or build on a Return on Investment before opening a Pyramid.   I suspect someone thought it was worthwhile.   What was their measure and how did it turn out?    Roll forward a couple thousand of years and we see these structures still around and making someone(tourist guides) some money.   Carnegie built libraries,   and others built universities or Stadiums.   Things that impacted our community and world.    

It seems to me that it is possible to build something else that will survive generations and inspire people of the future.   We have built great roads, like the Romans.    I wonder if we can build something that inspire people to be fit,  save their planet, and make their bank a little more happy?

How about a people  trail.  One that truly inspires the user to keep on using it.  One where people come together to work, talk, educate, pray, argue, and be happy.   What if our ride to work was inspiring and motivating.  What if our ride to school organized our thoughts and built our self reliance.    What if we used our ride to work to learn.  

 What would that people trail look like?   Would it have trees, would the surface be smooth or rough?  Would there be inspiring art work?  Would there be places to sit, eat, and talk?   Would there be room for children and pets?   Would it be a good place  in all weather? 

 And the measure?   Simple   $0.42 per Mile in healthcare savings,   1 pound of CO2 per mile,  25 square feet of space,  tons of road salt,  and a magic happy factor.   

I just want to start a conversation.


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