I will be riding from Minneapolis to Newfoundland this summer (2019)  I am leaving June 16th.  my route will take me to Milwaukee Wisconsin,  ferry across lake Michigan and then a trip from Wolf Lake to Marine City Michigan.   I will take the northern great lakes route to Toronto, then Montreal, Quebec, and then on over to Halifax.   I will go across the bridge from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island where I intend to Ride the confederation trail.   From there I’ll get back to Sydney NS and hop a ferry to St. John’s NF.    I have not decided what I will do after that.  I want to keep traveling, but knowing how things in this world work, I  should come home.

Please feel free to track me on  at       It is always nice to hear from you while I am on the trail.  Shoot me an E mail or post to FB.



  1. Hi,

    Sorry I missed your birthday — happy belated birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful trip. I keep clicking on the link below and it’s not working?

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