Lake Huron

I am on my way to NewFoundland.   Today is day 12 and I am in Exeter Onterio.   A farming community near lake Huron.    I decided to stop as a big thunderstorm was approaching and I needed a break anyway.   I have ridden about 800 Miles or 1,300 K.    The biggest challenge thus far was navigating all the broken baths in Wisconsin.   The tragedy is that many small towns are hurting because they are broken.   I understand that new money is on its way.

Foutantain City Wisconsin

Well this was the first broken path.   The road was under repair.  Only 1000 feet  (300 meters) and we had to detour up an over this very big climb   8 miles or 12 K  instead of being allowed to walk our bikes through the construction.   The town on the other side was dead.  Killed by the construction I think.


We encountered rain,   the camp was 3 miles out of town along the river.   $60.00 for three people to sleep next to a train track that went all night long.   This was a kind of a rip off.


Good camping at the county par\k.  but a pain to get out to the glacial trail to milwaukee


Lucked out and stayed at the Cream City Hostel.   We were the first guest ever.  I stuck around a couple of days and helped get it ready for the grand opening.   Took the early morning ferry across no hassle $106.

Ionia MI

Rode from Muskegon to Ionia.   Camped at Berthe Park.   $15.00 was my price.  No amenities and woke up realizing it was next to the state Prison.   Probably pretty safe.   I rode to Flint.

Flint MI

Decided to hotel it.  Big city you know.  Amazing bike trails.    Part of the ride on Divison Street was a bit rough.    Lots of glass.   Yes I drank the water.  Probably the safest in the world now.

Port Huron

I was instructed by Adventure cycling maps to cross at Marine City on a ferry.  However the Ferry has been out of services for several years.   So I had to figure out how to cross the bridge.   Not easy to figure out except talking to locals helped.  There is this cement bunker like building under the bridge where you go in an push a button to M DOT.   It is spooky.  The lady who answered was very nice.   They take people over in a pick up truck only when the bridge is not busy,   That means early morning and late evenings.

I stayed at a KOA.  not recommended as it is expensive and the tent site was littered with soda bottle caps and aigrette butts.  also very $$

Pinery Provincial park

Once across the bridge, I enjoyed a Timmy Hortons, beyond meat sandwich and tooled along lake Huron to Pinery.    It was a lovely ride until the trail ran out.   It sent me onto a very busy road with no shoulder.   It make the last 25 Kilometers 15 miles of my ride very irritating.  The camp site was nice however.  I camped next to the sand dunes.


I made it to Exeter.  I expected to encounter a lot of traffic.  but I found a route that was fantastic.     Through farm land.    The problem I had was figuring out where to stay.  It is a national holiday and everything is booked.   Not good.   So I am doing my laundry.   When in doubt,  wash

That’s it for now    Tom

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