Finding our way

The best journey starts with an idea of where we are going.

This Site will take you to map showing where I am now.   Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

Skillful riding


We become the way,  we don’t just know it.   Skills are embedded knowledge that produce efficiency in the way we get things done.


IMG_8121The emerging badge of success is not how much stuff we have but how we use our time.   Experiencing life is the new standard to which we play.    Busy busy busy  –   Virtual reality is an Oxymoron.  Let’s just pay for something we don’t really experience.   That does not make sense to me.

Leaving,  adjusting, re Entry

The barrier to change is the lack of inertia.   Once started, we move pretty well.   It is also true that when we stop – Re entry is clumsy.    It is these ends of a trip that make it seem difficult.


When we return to our starting point we are detracted by the familiar and engaged in our thoughts of the wonder.   life touches those who are not afraid to touch life.   My friendships are not based on what or who I know but on how kindness plays its role in my life.    Poverty and wealth suffer the same void.   Balance and kindness close the wounds of both.  That is why the paradox of less is more is no longer a paradox to those who find kindness in their hearts.  I have a long way to go


30 thoughts on “Destination Based Exercise

  1. Te esperamos con los brazos abiertos a ti o tus hijos,en bicy o como puedan venir, bendiciones,Socorro y Gustavo (dices las mismas palabras de mi hija: no hacer nada no es seguro)

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    1. Tom!!!!!! How are you ???
      I’m guessing this is the only way we can contact you now.
      Hope all is well.
      Was so excited the other day to finally use your nifty tire extraction tool to remove a piece of glass from a friend tyre 😀😀


      1. Wendy I am well. I miss all of you guys. Our lives continue and we explore new places. Africa was perhaps one of the most unique things I’ve ever done. I am well and going off to Japan with Will F. from Tour de Afrique. I believe Kim will be in Japan at the same time. Watch, we will run into each other. Hahaha. The extraction tool worked? hahahah . I used it to get a thorn out of my hand. I am lucky I had all my shots. Please take care


      2. So jealous. Have a fabulous time in Japan. Say hi to Will. Not sure if you have my email. Let me know if you don’t. I’m missing being able to message you my dear friend xx


      3. Wendy. I am keeping messaging. So that should work. I will say hi to Will. I also will meet Andjie in the airport in Toronto. And maybe even kin


  2. Good luck old man. I hope you have a good trip, make it to the end, and find a few answers along the way. No regrets, you did what you could.

    Bob L.

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  3. Tom, be well on your journey with a bike through the Americas. Riverside students, Jennifer Ruel and I will join you in hopes that all of us can learn something about you, the world from your bike and about ourselves.
    I look forward to working with you on shared visions for healthier communities here in Milwaukee.
    RUHS Wellness Instructor.

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    1. Paul

      I enjoyed your enthusiasm. It was a pleasure meeting you, Jennifer and Mat.

      I hope to start journaling soon.

      I also hope to stay in touch. I will be tracking my progress using an InReach device. I should have it active on
      My page shortly


  4. Tom,

    Just wanted to wish you well as July 5 and your journey approaches. Stay safe, and enjoy the trip. Your passion for biking is contagious and inspirational. I look forward to following the adventure.

    Paul Nemcek

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    1. Paul

      Thank you, the Journey starts in just 14 days. I am so excited, but also anxious. I hope to be safe that is a priority. But I also hope to find a world of adventure and new people contacts. I hope you have wonderful summer? How did your Triple ByPass Ride (for folks unfamiliar Triple ByPass is a bike ride in Colorado)

      Hope all is well



      1. Tom–hope you’re doing well. As you predicted, my friends and I finished the Triple Bypass Ride. With 122 miles with 11,000 feet of elevation climb, we were not fast, but we were consistent and well-trained. It was exhilarating. Post some pictures of your adventures when you get a chance. Ride safely.

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  5. Tom,
    You are a wonderful addition to our family when you stop by. I will be following you and am happy to say “He lived in my neighborhood and went to our picnics etc.” You are a very kind, generous and most unselfish person. I am sure you will be welcomed by all in your journey. We will be watching and invite you to diner at our house when you get back. Ed

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  6. James

    Your kind words and wisdom will help me. As I am close to my departure date I have grown in my own concerns.

    I am not a brave soul. Often I look for safe harbor. But we, as grandparents and Parents must lead a way to a cleaner planet. Doing nothing is no longer safe.


  7. Hi Tom: I once thought of flying my Cessna 150 Aerobat up the Trans Canadian highway to Alaska; I then thought of riding my Raleigh Super Course across the US. I settled for a cross country flight and a ride across Florida. Both trips took place in a week each. I now have a chance to extend those trips by vicariously living your experiences through your blog. Maybe I’ll get inspired to actually do something more substantial and meaningful. As you explained that day we met at lunch in Cudahy, you hope to inspire others; I hope to be inspired. May your preparation ensure your success, and fare winds propel your efforts.

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  8. Good luck with the Big Adventure Tom my friend – please be sure remember our discussion when you get to our part of the country.

    Captain Canuck

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  9. You are such an inspiration Tom. We look forward to following your adventure.

    I think this will make a great bedtime story for Max and Ella. I hope they learn to live a life of adventure as we read your journey.

    We are lucky to call you a friend.

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    1. Clauton. Good question. I don’t know everything and I guess this is one of those things I won’t know till it is over.

      I am encouraged by the fact I love to ride my bicycle and I love camping. If I hurt a little doing it i will probably cry, wipe my tears, put on my helmet and ride some more.

      Hope to make this interesting


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