The universal language.  

How are you! C

Coming from Malawi to Zambia the children suddenly changed their screams.   From give me money to how are you!

One would think this is am improvement.     Not so.    The kids chant as I ride by And through stones.   Ouch!

Camp facilitéis are getting nicer.   


At the Masai Camp in Arusha Tanzania.    This is the entry point to Kilanjaro for many.    It is a nice town.   

Our journey thus far has brought me through 6 counteries.   It will be another 6-7 days before reaching the next.     I will ride behind Kilimanjaro.   It is a tough 6 days with over 1000 kilometers of riding.  Many of the roads will be dirt roads and climbs.   Our camps will be rustic.    

Two days in a nice country 

Rwanda is a different kind of nice compared to Uganda and Sudan.  

No doubtb about it they are improving.   Bicycles are everywhere.   The road is clean and safe.  Women are gaining rights and they are educating the children. 

There is an absence of Fast food and Walmart.  They don’t belong in these places. 

Before I forget – plastic bags are not allowed.  And it shows.    


First impressions.  Beautiful.     We road through a valley filled with crops and forests.  Big climb and even bigger descent.   

Border crossing was ok.    But chaos prevailed.  My friend Eric decided he would just ride through.  He did but not sure what happens when he tries to leave.  

We have two days here.   I’ll explore.  

0.44 degrees south of the equator.     

We rode to lake Navisha from Nairobi.   I would have done better but my front brake was rubbing.   As it was the trip was really neat. 

We climbed and then descended into the great rift.     I saw zibra and some other animal I can’t name.   

Oh yes and we start riding on the left side of the road.   That is a bit weird.