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I thought of that while on my Bicycle”  Elbert Einstein

Intellectual –  We use resources available world wide to help us build a better understanding of the bicycle’s role in transportation.    Our Friends at Navico Oy Finland  are engaged in research that relates bicycle projects and the health of their communities.    They have also been helpful in sharing wEays to keep the bicycle transportation system active and safe all year round.

Bicycle – We ride bicycles all year round.   Our gear has been tested in all kinds of weather and conditions.   We also research the cost of various gear options.   Depending on the transportation needs there are solutions that make sense.

Commuter bike –  Generally a robust cross bike that can ride over many types of road conditions.  Single speed or many speeds,  the typical bike for commuting is capable of getting the passenger and gear to work or school reliably and on time.   The cost of these bikes can range from $500.00 – $1,100   with a decent bike costing somewhere in the middle.    The important point is that it is durable.

Navigation tools – A computer – the sky is the limit and getting loftier.

Packing –  I have a rule,  “if it doesn’t fit on my bike, I don’t eat it”.    There are many options for someone who uses their bike to get places.   Backpacks and bike bags come in all sorts of sizes and colors.    As a commuter  and tour cyclist we have a lot of experience with these options.

Safety Gear – Lights, camera, Helmet –  There are many options and they have different uses   but riding with out lights and a helmet is ill advised.   The camera or go pro is new to my tool box.  I am not sure if it adds any measure of safety

Cloths – Be prepared but don’t over dress.   Riding in all kinds of weather requires some strategy.   Also arriving at the office in a pressed shirt or outfit is important.  It is also amazingly simple to do so.

Parking – Locks-  Parking and storage is a concern in some parts.   Many companies have more bike parking space than they imagine.    one can fit 12 – 18 bikes in the same space to park a car.   This is an area where employers can save big bucks.

Insurance – We don’t want accidents but we also don’t want to be high and dry if something happens.






2 thoughts on “GEAR

  1. Hey Tom!

    When you have a chance, I’d love to see a picture of your bike all loaded up!

    Fun to read your updates, keep up the good work.




    1. Andrew
      I put some more photos of gear on my web site. I want to do more. I am in the process of cataloguing some of what worked and did not work and what I could use more of and less of.


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